An Introduction to my Passion

Hello. My name is Lenore, and I am a pet sitter. I started pet sitting when I was in high school. I believe wholeheartedly that a dog is man’s best friend, and I am fortunate enough to have not one – but many (furry) best friends. One might say I have a pack of best friends.

Pet sitting became my passion when I met a pup named Lina. I cared for Lina whenever her human went out-of-town, and after about a year, her human was given an opportunity that was relocating her to a different state. Unable to take Lina with her, she asked if I was interested in adopting Lina. I jumped at the chance, and Lina and I became the best of friends. Back in 2012 on my other blog, I wrote about Lina in the post titled: “Once upon a time: A story about a dog and an artist”.

When I traveled, Lina either went with me or stayed with another human in the human’s home. She was never boarded. And, anyone that welcomed Lina to stay with them while I was visiting them or helped me care for Lina when I was out-of-town, always wanted her to come back and visit. Lina never met a stranger, never held back on love, and never left a human heart untouched.

My experience with Lina changed my life. When I got married, my husband and I (with Lina’s blessing, and the blessing of our other two pups) opened our home to countless dogs, caring for them while their humans were out-of-town. Big dogs, little dogs, old dogs, and young dogs stayed with us and enjoyed the perks that came with staying in a home.

Lina died many years ago, and I no longer care for pups in our home, but Lina’s influence and legacy continues. In July of this year, I quit my corporate job so that I could become a full-time pet sitter and dog walker. My focus is to make sure dogs have the same option Lina had – staying in the comforts of home instead of packing up and ‘ruffing’ it at a boarding facility.

As I type, 9 yr old Oscar sleeps by my side. Oscar is a big and friendly giant mutt, and though I am caring for Oscar at his house – he loves coming with me to my house when I pop by for visits. While at my house, he has fun ‘playing’ with my two dogs, Cooper and Carl. (By playing, I mean sleeping.) When I am with Oscar at his house, he likes to – well, he pretty much likes to sleep there, too.

Earlier this month, I cared for Callie. Callie also enjoyed coming to my house to play with our dogs. But mostly Callie liked playing chase with my younger son. When Callie and I were at her house, we took long walks through her neighborhood, and we took equally long naps in the comfort of her living room.

This weekend, I get to stay with one of the best furry families ever: Bella, Casey, Chloe, and Squish. We will go on many walks, and we will take many naps. And, these three pups and one kitty will enjoy it all in the comfort of their own home. And, yes, I did say kitty. Squish isn’t a pup – she’s a cat. Cats deserve more than to be left at home with a litter box, food, and water. They deserve the same kind of love, affection, and playtime as pups … even if it is on their terms.

I truly consider it a privilege and honor to care for pups and cats, while their humans are out-of-town. Your pets at home are happy pets. They are able to go about their normal routine, as well as enjoy new-found adventures. The next time you take a trip, consider finding and hiring a pet sitter. Do your research, check references, and meet with the sitter face to face before making any final commitments. Hiring a pet sitter may take more time and effort than booking with your local boarding facility, but your pet is worth that time and effort.